Oil Spill Response

Contingency Planning and Response:

Responsibility for advice on oil spill containment and recovery lies with the Sullom Voe Oil Spills Advisory Committee (SVOSAC), with which SOTEAG has close links through common membership and exchange of information.

SOTEAG also contributes to the Sullom Voe Harbour Oil Spill Plan (SVHOSP) with advice on the clean-up procedures most appropriate to certain areas of Sullom Voe. This is based on SOTEAG’s expertise on the sensitivity of the shoreline and other environmental features, such as the seasonal presence of vulnerable species of bird or marine mammals likely to be affected.

SOTEAG also takes part in the regular oil spill exercises at the terminal. Following the Esso Bernicia incident, SOTEAG and SVOSAC collaborated to design and locate a series of permanent, shore-based spur booms, to protect environmentally sensitive areas within Sullom Voe, or serve as collection points for booming any spilt oil for safe removal. SOTEAG has also advised on how to clean contaminated shores and has initiated special monitoring projects to study their rehabilitation.